* I have read and will adhere to the guidelines of the Constitution and By Laws of BRHSA in the BRHSA Constitution.

* It is my responsibility to check the website for updates to BRHSA policy and to keep the information in my profile on the web accurate.

* I understand that it is the responsibility of the parent to discipline his/her child at all BRHSA activities and functions.

* I understand BRHSA maintains a Christian environment. If after due deliberation, the BRHSA Board finds that the parent fails to assume that responsibility, the Board has the right to exclude that child from further BRHSA activities and functions.
* I understand that I am bound by the terms of this document and the attached waiver during the time I am a member of BRHSA.
* I understand I may terminate this agreement and my membership by sending a letter to PO
Box 142, Bowling Green, KY 42102.
* I understand that membership in BRHSA entitles members to attend group functions and receive access to the BRHSA website http://www.brhsa.org
* I understand that any list of BRHSA names, addresses and phone numbers ARE NOT to be given to any non members of BRHSA.
• For the protection of our children, all adult applications will be checked against http://www.nsopw.gov and a digital picture will be kept on file or an in-person visual check with valid photo ID will be required each ye