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Committees and/or groups in BRHSA that perform their own fund raising in excess of $250 dollar per year are required to submit a quarterly report to the BRHSA Board that contains:

  • List of current board members
  • Overview of activities for the past quarter
  • Income collected for the previous quarter
  • Expenses paid for the previous quarter

 The summer is flying by and we are preparing for another school year.  Barren  River Homeschool Association loves to offer many events throughout the year for our members.  Below is the list of events we would love to see happen. If you would prayerfully consider heading up or helping out on one of these events in would be a blessing to our group.


If you have any questions about these events please contact Allison Houck at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call/ text 828-778-0517.  The board and those who continually step up to help can not organize all these events alone so if no one steps up to help many of these events will not happen.  Thank you for your consideration.

The Barren River Home School Association exists, first, to honor the Lord Jesus Christ by providing a Biblical atmosphere in which to nurture our children and, second, to serve, support, and connect home schooling families in and around the South Central Kentucky area. We desire to carry out this purpose in, at least, the following ways:

The BRHSA Calendar is a way to keep track of events that are happening in the BHRSA Community.  Any registered member can add events to the Calendar.  Events that are added will be submitted for publication.  We review postings to the calendar on a regular basis and should publish your event within 2-3 days after you have created it.  Some features that our event system offer us are:

  1. The ability to create recurring events.  A simple user interface allows you to set you event to recur Daily, Weekly, Monthly our more sophisticated patterns like the last Thursday of every month.  See the screen shot for an example of what this looks like.
  2. The ability to set a maximum capacity for your event and require people to register.  When you create an event with a registration